Is A Keto Diet Healthy? Here What You Need To Know

Is A Keto Diet Healthy

Do you want to initiate a keto diet, but you are struggling with the question, “is a keto diet healthy or not?” Do not worry; today’s article will assist you by telling you all you must know about the keto diet and its many benefits. Let us accept this fact, any diet that causes you to lose fat is not easy; however, we need to stay healthy from inside to outside no matter what diet we stay on. The keto diet is one of the best diets; it helps you lose body fat, but is a keto diet healthy? Or does it have some side effects we were unaware of? Let us dive in!

Keto Diet – A Brief Overview

A keto diet is a low carb, high fat, and protein diet. This diet will put your body in a state of ketosis, which means you will be using energy for your daily activities from stored fat in your body. You see, we get energy from fat that we extract from the carbs an individual consumes every day. Excess intake of carbs and fewer daily activities stores fat in different parts of the body. When we cut down our daily carb intake, ultimately, our body starts using stored fat. Eventually, our body enters ketosis, a state where an individual uses stored fat for energy. Ketosis helps us to get rid of excess body fat and slim down beautifully.

6 Must-Know Health Benefits Of Being On Keto

One of the finest parts of being on keto is the flexibility of the diet to merge with other diets; you can be a vegan and still be on keto. If that is not the case, you can try other options, such as a cyclical keto diet.

1. Keto Diet Helps You To Farewell to Acne

We are already aware it helps weight loss dramatically, but did you know it also improves acne-related conditions? This is because acne triggers most of the time are due to high amounts of fat and sugar in our skin. When we opt for a diet that helps us to cut down on sugars and carbs, ultimately, our skin starts to get shinier, tighter and, acne-free.

2. Keto Diet Aids In Balancing Blood Sugar

When you follow a keto diet, sugar is one component that you cut down on separate from carbs. Cutting down sugar levels and treating our body with ample nutrients encourages insulin-building, a hormone that controls blood sugar.

When enough insulin builds up in our body, the blood sugar can then be controlled. This helps keeps our blood sugar from getting too high, and it also helps us improve our condition if we already have type II diabetes. Ultimately, it is a win-win situation.

3. This Helps In Improving The Health Of Your Heart

Most of the time, our heart is affected, and a major cause is LDL (Low-Density Lipoprotein), bad fats and, cholesterol. Elimination of all these issues gives you a healthier heart on keto.

Not just that, when your body is on a ketogenic diet, you take in good fats from fruits, etc. This way, you can lower your cholesterol and LDL’s replacing them with HDL (High-Density Lipoprotein) also known as good fat. This can cleanse our pulmonary artery from all the deposits of fats and aids our blood to flow better.

4. Can Dramatically Reduce Seizures

Researchers have proof the keto diet helps with seizures that are not treatable with other methods, especially for children who are born with them. But how? This is because when our body is in ketosis, it takes energy from ketones rather than fat.

Ketones are responsible for enhancing our brain function, and they also increase neuron stability, slowing down or getting rid of seizures.

5. Helps With PCO’s

PCO or polycystic ovaries is a hormonal condition in women that encourages the growth of excessive male hormones in women and leads to dysfunction of the ovaries. It is a very troubling condition as it may lead to miscarriage and temporary infertility.

Many of the times, PCOS is a result of a high carb diet. People who are obese are more likely to suffer from this disorder, but it is treatable. The best way of getting rid of such conditions is to go on the keto diet. The low carb and high protein help reduce weight, and it eventually sheds fat from the ovaries.

Not just that, but keto also helps in getting rid of other effects related to PCOS, such as acne, diabetes, etc.

6. Lowers Blood Pressure

BP or high blood pressure is a condition where your blood pressure is higher than usual, and it could drastically affect your health in numerous ways. Being on a keto and lowering your carb intake can help reduce your body of bad fat or cholesterol.

When cholesterol levels get lower, and the HDL levels get balanced, then your bp is maintained automatically. High bp can result in numerous diseases and fatal conditions, and keto can help keep you from that.

Apart from all this, keto does help with various other diseases and disorders. A diet is never enough to get rid of any condition, but it certainly helps you improve. However, there might be some drawbacks. Want to know about them? Let us dig in.

Is A Keto Diet Healthy Or Not? The Verdict!

A ketogenic diet has numerous benefits, but just like all diets, it has its drawbacks. Not to worry, it is not something that cannot compensate for. But you need to have a clear picture before you start on a diet.

The first thing to understand here is that whenever you put your body on a diet, any diet at all, your body goes through some dramatic changes, physical and chemical. All these changes in our body and its workings affect us in many ways; similarly, so does keto.

First, you may get keto flu just after starting the keto diet for the first few days or maybe the first few weeks. A keto flu will make you:

1. Feel weak.

2. Nauseous.

3. Vomit.

4. It will make your head hurt.

5. You might get low blood sugar levels here and there.

6. Not to forget, you find your anger levels increase.

Not to worry, as these issues will do go away soon enough, and you will begin feeling rejuvenated. All of these effects are due to the dramatic change in nutrition and especially because your mind will force your body to crave the kind of diet you had earlier, making you uncomfortable and irritated.

Apart from all this, a ketogenic diet does not have any drastic negative effects on our health. But it is important to switch up the diet here and there so that your body gets enough fat and doesn’t get over logged with protein.

Best Way To Follow The Keto Diet

If you want to stay far from issues related to following keto, which is high protein and low carb, then we have a way out for you. The best way to follow keto and get all the health benefits from it is to switch between diets after a few months.

You see, if you are observing a keto diet due to your health issues, then it will not be the best choice to rely on one nutrient and forget the rest. What you can do is follow the different types of keto diets and see what is best for you. But don’t switch too often because it takes time for our body to adjust to different keto forms.

4 Types Of Keto Diet

Here are 4 types of keto you can follow are,

1. High Protein Keto Diet

This version of the ketogenic diet contains slightly more protein than a standard keto diet with minimal fats and almost no carbs.

2. The Standard Keto Diet

You know the drill, high fats, moderate protein, and low to no carbs.

3. The Cyclical Keto Diet

This keto diet is a kind of diet perfect for people who are affected drastically by deficiencies. The diet focuses on some days when you can go high in carb to balance out, such as 5:2. Five days of keto and two on the high carb.

4. Targeted Keto Diet

In this kind of ketogenic diet, you must maintain the same protein and fat protocol. However, you may add some carbs here and there.

All the choices above clarify some claims made regarding keto being unhealthy and not flexible. What you need before starting keto is to know what suits your body and what kind of diet you will be able to carry out for the long haul.

Not only that, before initiating any diet, you must know how that diet will affect any disorder or disease you have. Keto is the ultimate diet that provides a person with various options to choose from.

Bottom Line

This article clarifies all your misconceptions and queries regarding “is a keto diet healthy or not”. Now you have all the information you need, what are you waiting for? Hop into your car, go buy some keto-friendly groceries and say hello to a healthier lifestyle choice!

Do you find this article on Is A Keto Diet Healthy helpful? Remember to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

2 thoughts on “Is A Keto Diet Healthy? Here What You Need To Know

  • Olivier
    April 10, 2021 at 22:38

    Hi Joseph, Great article on Keto diet an dnice website as well. I have heard of the process of ketosis in our body but I just discovered that it can help in reducing the likelihood of seizures while reading this post. Good content and will keep reading more of your blog. Thanks for sharing!

    • Joseph
      April 11, 2021 at 17:54

      Glad you enjoyed the article, Oliver.  The keto diet is not just for weight loss but also helps in reducing or eliminating a number of health-related issues.

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