How To Get Started On Keto Diet? Everything You Need To Know!

How To Get Started On Keto Diet

Have you decided you want to start a new healthier way of eating? One way to achieve that and help you lose weight is the keto diet. Most people who have started this diet stay on it for years. Whether you have heard about it from a friend or family member, you need to have clear and concise information about how it works. Let us dive into how to get started on keto diet.

One thing that can mess up the diet for a lot of people is if they do not know how to get started. Once you know how to get started on the keto diet, you will learn this diet can be good for you. In this article, you will get a detailed view of how to get started on keto diet.  We will also share some things you should know before getting started.

What Is Keto Diet?

The keto diet has a lot to do with consuming low-carbs. In this diet, you dramatically cut down your carb intake and feed on fat and protein. This way, you stimulate ketosis, which will help you lose extra fat in your body. It not only helps you in losing weight, but it has many other health benefits as well. You will tend to feel healthier once you are on it. The Atkins diet is closely related to the keto diet.

Who Is The Keto Diet Not For?

The keto diet is for almost everyone as it includes a lot of all-natural food items, and nothing on it is harmful. There are a few people who should not opt for this diet.

  1. People who are on medications for diabetes like insulin.
  2. Women who are breastfeeding.
  3. If you have high blood pressure.
  4. Finally, young children should not go for this diet as cutting down on carbs might hamper their growth.

If you are in one of these categories, you should not start a keto diet.   Do not worry as there are many alternatives available on the web. You must seek guidance from your physician before starting any diet and follow an eating regimen that will work for your condition.

What Is Involved?

The keto diet mainly involves consuming fats and using them as a source of energy. As for a precise composition of the percentages, you should aim to consume 70% of your calories from fats, 28% of your calories from proteins, and 2% of your calories from carbs. The 2% carbs are for people who have been on it for some time, and their body has gotten used to it. But if you are just starting off, you can consume 5 to 6% of your daily calorie intake from carbs. This is enough to keep you feeling full and get your body started in ketosis.

3 Things To Know Before You Start

Before we move onto how to get started on keto diet, there are a few things you should know. These will help you have the right information about the process so once you start you will feel comfortable.

1. Allergies

Many people have allergies, and these allergies can become aggravated if you are exposed to a specific thing. If you are not aware of your allergies, then you must be alert when you start the keto diet because some fatty foods might aggravate your allergies. Some people do not respond well to fatty foods and may be allergic to them. If you are one of them, you should not force yourself to follow this diet as it may negatively affect your allergies.

2. How Does The Keto Diet Work?

One of the most important things you should know is how the keto diet works. The keto diet basically works by getting your body into ketosis. Your body normally breaks down carbs for energy and then move to fats. When you are consuming a high amount of fats and a minimal amount of carb as in the keto diet, your body will have no carbs to break down, and it will switch to breaking down fats. In the process of breaking down fats, our excess fats will be converted to ketones which are easily broken down into energy. This process is called ketosis. Your body might not respond well to ketosis because it is not used to it, so you have to be patient and let your body get aligned with the process.

3. Physical Reactions To The Keto Diet

The reactions you might experience right after you start the keto diet may scare you a bit, but you need to be aware of them and know they are normal. You may feel some nausea in the beginning.  It is known as the keto flu. You may feel hungry and lethargic all day, but this is because your body has not yet been accustomed to the keto diet, and your body is taking its time to get into ketosis. Once you are in ketosis, you will start feeling normal.

How To Get Started On Keto Diet

Getting started on the keto diet is not difficult because all you have to do is alter your food choices. It does not involve a complete change in your daily eating habits. Many people have this question of how to get started on the keto diet. One of my tested things at this time is you have to keep track of what foods you are eating and the quantity you are eating. organic foods . Do not forget to decide which type of keto diet you are going to follow. There are many types like standard, cyclical, and a complete keto diet. All of them are similar, with a few exceptions here and there. For a beginner, the standard or cyclical keto diet is most appropriate.

Make A Food List

How to get started on keto diet is you have to make a food list. You will be changing what you have been eating, and for this reason, you need to have a clear view of what will be best for you to eat. In a food list, you have to list all the things you can eat and what not to eat. This will help you in your grocery shopping and when making your meals. Some items are listed below.

What Foods To Eat

Some foods you should eat on the keto diet are:

  1. All types of meat
  2. Fatty fish
  3. Eggs
  4. Butter
  5. Cream
  6. All types of cheese
  7. Nuts and seeds
  8. Avocados
  9. Oils
  10. Low carb vegetables
  11. Basic condiments

What Not To Eat

Sugary Foods

Some food items that you should hold back from when on the keto diet are:

  1. Sugary foods
  2. Sweets and candies
  3. Packaged junk food
  4. Starchy foods
  5. Pasta
  6. Rice
  7. Fruits except for berries
  8. Beans
  9. Legumes
  10. Tuber and root vegetables
  11. Processed foods
  12. Alcohol

Make A Weekly Plan

Keto Diet plan And How To Get Started On Keto Diet
Keto Diet plan And How To Get Started On Keto Diet

How to get started on keto diet includes limiting your food options, so it is possible for you to feel frustrated. It is best you make a weekly plan of what you want to eat for the coming week. You can meal prep so you have your meals ready or almost ready when it is time to eat them. It is very beneficial if you are running short on time as you will not have to think about what to eat.

Learn Recipes And Hone Your Cooking Skills

Cooking Skills How To Get Started On Keto Diet
Cooking Skills How To Get Started On Keto Diet

If you are not good at preparing food, how to get started on keto diet is you may end up buying prepared food from a vendor. To keep all your food organic and in the right mixture, you should make your own food at home, but some vendors have a good reputation in this area.  Of course, when you prepare your meals at home, you will know exactly what you are eating and what is working and not working for your body.

There are many keto recipes, and most are quite simple to prepare. Keto diet foods can be as delectable as non-diet foods. All you have to do is learn the recipes and hone your cooking skills. When you are preparing your meals for the week, you will food prep skills will improve over time. Remember, practice makes perfect!

How Do You Handle High Fat Intake?

When you consume a high-fat diet, your body will most likely react. In the keto diet, we consume more saturated and healthy fats. Some people cannot tolerate high fats. You will know if your body can deal with high fats once you start the keto diet. During the first few days, if you do not feel right then you should stop the diet and consult your physician to determine if you should continue with the keto diet or not.

Don’t Go Too Hard On Carbs In The Beginning!

You have to cut down on carbs when you are on a keto diet, but it does not mean you have to be too hard on yourself. When you are starting the keto diet, your body normally utilizes carbs for the production of energy, and when your body does not have sufficient carbs, you may feel low on energy. Whenever you feel low on energy, you can take a few energy-rich foods but make sure you take at least 10% of your carbs at the beginning of your day. This will help you in having sufficient energy for your daily tasks as normal. Otherwise, your energy levels can drop when completely cutting down carbs. After your body starts ketosis, you can then lower your carbs even further.

What Is The Right Amount Of Food?

Being on a keto diet does not mean you can have as many fats as you want without gaining weight. Moreover, you have to keep track of how much you eat, and each food item should be consumed in the correct amounts. That means you need to optimize your food intake. You should eat enough to keep you full and consume the required amount of calories needed daily. If you are taking in too much, then your body fat will increase, and you will end up making things even worse.

Make Sure To Hydrate Yourself!

How To Get Started On Keto Diet Hydration
How To Get Started On Keto Diet Hydration

Water is an essential element no matter what type of diet you are on. When you are just starting it off, you will dizzy, and due to dizziness, you will feel nauseous. Make sure you take the right amount of water in the day to keep you dehydrated. It is common that many people who start on the keto diet faint in the first two weeks. It is because of dehydration. You will have to take more water than you usually do to keep yourself fresh and hydrated.

Can I Cheat On The Weekends?

When you start the keto diet, your body is not used to a high-fat diet, so you can take the weekends as cheat days when you can eat whatever you like and some slightly higher amount of carbs. This will take your body back to normalcy. You must begin to reduce the carbs gradually on the weekends as you will get used to it after some days.

Avoid Complications Consult Your Doctor

If you are already on any medications or have any chronic illness, you should talk to your doctor before beginning the keto diet. Your doctor will be able to guide you through what things you can eat and what not to avoid. The doctor will help you avoid potential issues.

Bottom Line

The keto diet has become very popular. People not only opt for this diet to lose weight but also to maintain a healthy body and healthy lifestyle. If you are thinking of starting it, you should not wait any longer and get to it as soon as you can! Because its benefits are countless. A few things you should take care of are you should keep a record of what you eat, manage your daily calorie count and try to make meals at home.

Let us know in the comments section below your thoughts on How To Get Started On Keto Diet article. We hope you found this article helpful to you on your journey with the keto diet.

6 thoughts on “How To Get Started On Keto Diet? Everything You Need To Know!

  • Ann
    March 23, 2021 at 02:21

    Thank you for explaining things clearly from the start. I am glad that I’m not among those that due to a medical condition or some other sort of circumstance can’t do the keto diet. It’s also good to know about allergies and things of this sort from the beginning. So, having cleared those things out of the way, I’ll start this diet super excited!

    • Joseph
      March 23, 2021 at 04:11

      Glad we motivated you to give the keto diet a try.   Once you start focusing on increasing the consumption of fat and protein while cutting down on carbs, you will notice dramatic changes in your body weight and how you feel.

  • Mike
    March 23, 2021 at 02:29

    Hello there! This is a very informative post! I have been hearing a lot these days about the keto diet and how many have benefited from this diet. Although I have heard about it, I still didn’t really know too much about it. But after reading your article, I now have a better idea. I can see how it can be difficult in the initial stages but will get easier as time progresses. Perhaps I’ll try it sometime. Thanks for creating this!

    • Joseph
      March 23, 2021 at 04:09

      Keto diet is a great way to lose weight and feel great.  Glad you found the article informative.

  • Rose
    March 23, 2021 at 03:11

    Hi Joseph, 

    Thank you for sharing on ways how we can start on keto diet.

    I know about the general principle of keto diet but I lack the details of how to engage with it, gradually letting my body to adapt with it.

    Two years ago, I had queries on preparing keto recipe for some clients.  Too busy that I wasn’t able to give time learning about it. 

    I am happy I stumbled in your site. You are not just offering recipes but also mentoring on readers how to do it. Thanks.

    • Joseph
      March 23, 2021 at 04:08

      Our goal is to be well-rounded.  Glad we hit that goal with you.

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