Are Beans Keto Friendly?

Are Beans Keto Friendly

Although one cannot deny the benefits of incorporating beans in your diet, people on keto ask, “are beans keto friendly?”

Now this question can lead to various thoughts. Beans and legumes are generally considered one of the best foods to eat. They hold various benefits that you should not negate. If we start writing down the benefits, there are plenty. They can help you have a healthy heart, can help with cholesterol issues, help regulate blood sugar levels, and help to deal with iron deficiencies are some of the many benefits of eating beans. Yet, they can lower the benefits you get by following the keto diet.

Now you will get the answer to your question is are beans keto-friendly; as they contain a significant amount of carbs.

Well, not to worry since we will be covering all sides of eating or not eating the beans on a ketogenic diet. Furthermore, we will be mentioning beans you can incorporate in your eating plan while sticking to low-carbs.

Let us spill some beans, shall we?

What Are Beans?

You must know what beans are. They are a plant-based source for protein. Yes, this is what you rely on when you are following a vegan diet.

Apart from being versatile, they reduce various health-related problems and bring some much-needed nutrients to the body.

Types Of Bean

type of beans

Beans come in all shapes and sizes, and colors. They not only taste good but are a beautiful creation of the universe.

Black beans, black-eyed beans, chickpeas, kidney beans, soybeans, and lentils are some of the many types of beans out there.

Can You Eat Beans On Keto?

To get the most out of the diet you are following, in this case, the keto diet, it crucial you stick to the rules.

For instance, talking about keto requires you to rely on a few carbs, moderate proteins, and high fats.

If you want a real quick answer whether beans are keto-friendly, the answer is no, they are not.

Keto requires you to consume 70% fats, 25% proteins, and 5% carbs. So, if we are talking about beans, there are no fats, a good amount of protein, and a significant percentage of carbs. Which means it is a no.

You can see for yourself they are the exact opposite of what the keto diet requires you to do.

Thus, it is rather challenging incorporating beans into the keto diet while keeping to the keto restrictions. This is because, even if you add a cup of beans to your diet, the carbs add up real fast, and you will exceed your daily limit.

Beans You Can Eat On Keto Diet

Now, if you desire to add some amount of beans to your diet, then you might ask which ones?

As you have seen there are several types of beans. According to their type, they vary in the calories and carbs, to be specific.

Talking about which beans you can consume that are keto-friendly, then you may have discovered by now there are none. Yet, you can add or subtract foods you eat to make space for a cup of beans.

There is no such thing a keto-friendly beans; hence let us chat about the best options that qualify to be in the keto-friendly category.

  • Edamame: They are a unique type of beans and are often known as immature soybeans. What makes them unique and eatable in keto is the amount of fiber they contain. Due to high dietary fiber, it makes the net carbs stand at only 5 grams for half a cup. For 1 cup, it a total of 10 net carbs.


  • Green beans: Nice crunchy outside and low-carbs inside they make the perfect meal not only as a side but also a meal itself. 1 cup of green beans consists of 4.5 net grams of carbs; what else do you need?

Green beans

  • Black soybeans: These are something that keto dieters will love. This is because they contain about 1 to 2 grams of carbs in ½ cup of serving. Is that not amazing?

Black soybeans Are Beans Keto Friendly

Only when you are losing your dream of being able to eat beans, these low-carbs and keto-friendly bean options come to the rescue.

You can add other beans to your keto diet as well, but you need to make sure you have a check on the carbs. Although you can consume a little higher carb bean options as well, that will meet your daily carb intake in one serving. This will leave you no option for other meals containing any amount of carbs.

Thus, it is always recommended you cut out beans if you want your body to enter the ketosis process.

Beans That Are Not Allowed On Keto

Now you have an idea of which beans to consume (not very many are recommended), let us have a look at those you should not. It will not be wrong calling them forbidden beans on keto. Although, they are nutritious.

1. Chickpeas

Chickpeas Are Beans Keto Friendly

What is the first thing that pops into your mind after seeing chickpeas on the not allowed list? How to meet your hummus dip cravings, right? Do not worry; as we move ahead with our beans keto-friendly topic, we will jot down some alternatives for beans you will want to know.

Coming back to the point, chickpeas hold a huge amount of carbohydrates. 1 cup has 32 grams of carbs. That is way too much. Above all, it will exceed your daily intake of carbs in one meal.

2. Red Kidney Beans

Red Kidney Beans Are Beans Keto Friendly

For this, you might get upset why all your favorite beans are on the no-no list. Then, as simple as that, you have to give up something to get something. In this case, you have to give up carbs so you can enjoy the benefits of more healthy life on the keto diet.

Beans are good for your health, they are cheap, available all year round, and hold great significance for health. There are some drawbacks too. In case, you are having a hard time giving up beans, look at the following disadvantages of consuming beans. This will help you stick to a no beans keto diet.

· Beans can cause you to experience gas problems

· Constipation issues

· They are incomplete proteins as they lack amino acids

· Can cause migraine problems in some people

Those reasons make the perfect excuse for cutting down beans during keto, don’t they?

3. Pinto Beans

Pinto Beans Are Beans Keto Friendly

Pinto beans also contain 30 carbs in a serving which is again too much for the keto diet.

4. Navy Beans

Navy Beans Are Beans Keto Friendly

Navy beans are also on the list of not recommended beans. This is because half a cup of navy beans contains more than 14 grams of carbs. And that is a lot of carbs on a keto diet for one serving. Be aware of what you feed your body so you reach ketosis.

5. Beans In Other Forms

Beans that are soaked with salt Are Beans Keto Friendly

Beans that are soaked with salt or are baked also adds up to carbs that keto restrictions do not allow.

It is high time you give up beans as they are not keto-friendly. Yes, with some amends, you can manage, but that also has the potential to ruin the diet in the first place. What is the point of following a diet when you are not abiding by the rules?

Alternative To Beans

zucchini eggplant mushrooms

Let us talk about everyone’s favorite hummus. Imagine living in a world without hummus, even the idea sucks. So let us see a bean-free hummus option that is available.

Zucchini is, yes, right there in your fridge; you have a replacement for chickpeas.

Mushrooms are something that you can replace beans with without compromising on the taste of the dish you are preparing. It is perfect for stews and soups.

Eggplant is yet another keto-friendly replacement for beans. You can even use eggplant in hummus, or else diced eggplant is ideal instead of high-carb beans.

In addition to it, you can incorporate cauliflower, avocados, and other low-carb vegetables into your diet. Moreover, if you are not a vegan, you can rely on ground meat to fulfill protein nutrients and leave the beans.

Keto Calculator

This keto calculator was brought to us by our friend Mikey Lukanowski who runs  Mikey’s website is chock full of helpful tools and articles to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Mikey’s keto calculator helps you easily find your nutrition needs on a ketogenic diet. The right amount of protein, fat, and carb intake is essential to achieve your goals and maximize your results.

Based on the details you provide, it will calculate how many calories you need to consume daily and what your ideal macronutrient breakdown should be.

Simply enter in your data for gender, age, weight, height, and activity level to get started. The more accurate your data, the better the calculations will serve you. This will give you your BMR and TDEE on average. After that, choose your goal and preferred net carbohydrate amount along with your protein-to-fat ratio.

Click Here To Use The Keto Calculator


After reading the above information, you will be able to conclude beans carry high carbs that are in conflict with keto guidelines. As a consequence, it is recommended you give up beans while on keto, or else your body will not enter the ketosis process.

If you desire a positive effect on your health from following the keto diet, then you will have to put in some extra effort. A complete change of lifestyle will help you achieve the desired results efficiently and effectively.

How helpful did you find the blog? Remember to share your review regarding beans and their substitutes with us in the comments section below!

6 thoughts on “Are Beans Keto Friendly?

  • DashDNations
    May 9, 2021 at 02:34

    I’m partially keto, but I haven’t completely committed to it simply because I get brain fog and fatigued really quickly when I follow this diet to the letter. But I’m glad there are some beans that I can eat even with a semi-keto diet, I had cut them out completely because of the high carb thing, but knowing there are some i can eat is great. I’d like the increase in proteins.

    • Joseph
      May 9, 2021 at 02:38

      The keto flu is fairly common when starting the keto diet.  If you stick to it you will find those symptoms subside quickly.  Then you can experience the full benefits of this incredible health system.  

  • Parameter
    May 9, 2021 at 02:35

    I appreciate the way you opened up on beans as a keto diet. We naturally take beans as a good source of food. Very few people understand the carb content of beans. Although I do a little of beans in my meals, but I am glad now I know the once to avoid and how to create an alternative to beans eggplant and Mushroom. 

    • Joseph
      May 9, 2021 at 02:39

      Beans contain carbs, bottom line.  In small quantities, you can fit them in and still stay on target with the keto diet.

  • Ann
    May 23, 2021 at 00:39

    I had always had in the back of my mind that beans were healthy. So I didn’t even consider I wasn’t going to eat them in my keto diet. But then I heard the first person mention it and I thought it was a joke. So I Googled it and, yeah, it’s obvious that beans are the opposite from keto foods. So I greatly appreciate you have given us this list of beans we can still eat. Finding a way around it is nice.

    • Joseph
      May 23, 2021 at 01:13

      Beans have a lot of positives, but clearly, if you are following the keto diet you must be cautious with the amount of beans you consume.

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